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Modern Solution Ventures Ltd supplies medical equipment and healthcare products and offers after sales service in order to support the clients. We have a very dedicated team of biomedical technicians and engineers who are well versed with products that are in use in medical hospitals which we have supplied or were bought elsewhere.



Modern Solution Ventures Ltd is a duly registered private limited company in Kenya since year 2007 with key objective as importer and trader in medical equipments and related hospital supplies. We are stockists and distributors of medical equipments such as X-Ray and Ultrasounds, theatre equipments and supplies; dental, laboratory, ophthalmology and different categories of surgical consumables.

We procure quality and relevant equipments from reliable manufacturers worldwide. We are appointed sole agents for many reputable manufacturers in specialist fields. All our products come with after sales service and warranty. Deliveries are done on time and customer service offers timely advice incase of queries.

Our clients include private clinics, medium and large hospitals. We also participate in public and private tenders. We are able to source products under short notice through our international network.



Face Masks , Bandages, Guaze rolls, Cotton Wool, forceps and Scissors,


Baby Incubators, Delivery Bed and Theatre tables, Baby Warmers and Phototherapy, Fetal dopplers, Maternal Monitors, Surgical sets, Colposcope machine and Vacuum Extractor


Dental Chairs, Dental Compressor, Hand Pieces, Face Masks, Dental Scalers and Light Cure


Our Product

Our Services

The team is able to service and maintain the following categories of machines.

  1. Patient monitors, vital signs monitors of any brand
  2. ECG machines -EEG/EMG machines -Pulseoximeter. etc
  1. Anaesthesia machine – Ventilators – CPAP – BiPAP
  2. Regulators , humidifiers, vaporizers
  3. Oxygen gas distribution system both design, installation and maintenance
  4. Oxygen concentrators -Oxygen generators etc
  1. Autoclaves -any time – Centrifuges -Microscopes
  2. Chemistry and hematology analyzers -Sterilizers and incubators etc

Installation, commissioning and repair of :

  1. Xrays machines, -Ultrasound machines- Automatic and manual processors
  2. Xray tables and bucky units -Dental x-rays etc
  1. Dental chair and dental units installation, service and maintainance.
  2. Air compressors -Dental light cure and -Dental

We are qualified to supply and commission theatre equipment.
In addition we service and repair;

  1. Operation table both manual and electric
  2. Theatre light – replacements of bulbs and reflectors
  3. Diathermy machines
  4. Suction units -Delivery beds -Patient monitors etc

We offer replacement parts and service of;

  1. BP machines-aneroid , mercury and digital -Vital signs monitor
  2. HB meters -Digital thermometers etc
  1. Hospital beds -Cabinets -Instrument trolleys
  2. Medicine cabinets,
  3. Nurse stool and patient coaches etc
  1. Theatre lights -Laryngoscopes Microscopes
  2. Dental
  3. Chemistry and other laboratory analyzers
  4. Phototherapy UV bulbs( Philips) etc
  1. ECG cables, ecg electrodes -NIBP cuffs and air hoses
  2. SPo2 sensors( reusable and disposable) and extension cords
  3. Temperature probes -etCO2 module
  4. electronic modules for patient monitors
  1. Autoclave gasket -Heating element -Glasses
  2. Gauges etc
  • Ultrasound gel and paper -Ultrasound probes -Xray tube
  • Xray bulbs -Dental bulbs
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